Dear Valued Friends,

My experience with web design is limited and while I once upon a time had a dandy, the chaps over in England decided to go out of business. This left me with Wix as a temporary solution. While I thought I was buying the humdinger of web sites, turns out they want to take a percentage of each sale via the usage of a cart. So if you would like a turkey call listed, please just call like in the olden days or email if you prefer. I accept credit cards over the phone, Paypal and Venmo. I also accept money orders. I welcome your business and thank you wholeheartedly for considering a track player turkey call for your pursuit of the wariest game bird on earth. Good luck fellars. 


MadHatter Calls began in ‘02 after making a few calls for friends and family. Receiving high praise from the likes of well known call makers such as Craig “Cornbread” Corbett, Rick Powell, Kelly Rose, Jack Scott, Jackie Strickland, Charlie Trotter, and Jerry “Dad” White, and others only fueled the fire. To have such talented men think highly of something I swiped from that to make this was inspiring, as I began making calls with unique centerpieces. Each meaning something special to the future owner of the call. Eventually, I had a medallion with cut-outs made for the center of my calls. This allows the sound to resonate from the center of the call and brings consistency in sound. Going full bore in 2005, as of Jan. 2021, I’ve sold well over three thousand calls and have 1,120 success stories from my treasured friends of MadHatter Calls. Thanks for your consideration in puttin’ a MadHatter Track Player Turkey Call to the test in calling in the most elusive gamebird on earth, the wild turkey.


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Madhatter Calls is a satisfaction guaranteed small business that prides itself on results. Through respect for the outdoors and passing along tradition, we hope you find a lifetime of memories out in the turkey woods. 



p: 770-842-4161