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Congrats To The Dead Bird Rodeo Winners!

884 Of The Most Wariest Wild Turkeys

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MadHatter’s Turkey Calls!

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Truest turkey talk from any call: Jerry Terrell

Best Slate Calls I’ve Ever Played: Travis Minnie

He’d Only Answered The Track Player: Dan Hutcheson

That Buckeye Copper Call Will Sing: Jim Jones

Your call had the gobbler and all of our attention: Mark Jenkins

They’ll trip over their toes comin’ in: Andy Garrett

I’d be as proud as if I’d shot your next longbeard myself if you were to do it with a MadHatter Turkey Call.  Every turkey call handmade by yours truly and guaranteed no matter what. If you ain’t happy, I ain’t happy.

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Lot of turkey in that pot: Jack Scott

Thought I might have to fight to get my call back: Joey Henderson

I have not run any caller with truer rasp: Cal Garretson

I Call, They Come; Best I’ve Used in 30 YRS: Tony George

Awesome Sound, second to none: Bill Damewood

Many thanks for stopping by for a look-see for your next turkey call to challenge the wary wild turkeebird. With 2019 spring around the corner, our 17th year, I’m working hard  to fill the site with the very best turkey calls I can build.  I realize we all have our own ideas of what sounds the best and you can rest assured that each comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. It serves me no purpose to put a call in the field that will not call a turkey and the last thing I want is an unhappy turkey hunter. After 16 years, I’m happy to say only one has been exchanged. If you don’t see what you’d like, give me a call, I’ll make you a call to your specs that you will treasure for a lifetime.


I hope you’ll visit the gallery page and view my favorite part of this whole web site and that is customer success photos. As most any custom call maker will attest to, there ‘s no pot of gold in this but there’s a heap of satisfaction when someone, who spent hard earned money on your call, pits it against the wariest creature on earth and wins. I like to call it the “Dead Bird Rodeo” and I thank everyone who has taken the time to let me know of their successes. Now hopefully you’ll find a call to your liking and give it a whirl on your next chase of the wary wild turkeebird.


Sincerely, Redbeard.


681st- Reggie Wilson - KY.JPG
645th -Nick Taylor, AR.JPG
593rd, Richard Martinez, FL.JPG
656th- Cody Cornwell - KY - pic2.JPG